10 Facts to Know When Buying Weed Online with Coupons

Using Coupons To Buy Weed

Most cannabis dispensaries will offer discounts, promotions, coupons, or specials of some sort or other. This is true both instore and online. By collaborating with several cooperates, some websites offer several ways to get genuine weed deals in one place. After finding, collecting, printing and organizing all of your coupons, there are a few very important things to know about using them in California.

Cut Your Expenses with Weed Deals in California

Weed deals are a great way to minimize your expenses on medical marijuana. Rules exist everywhere. It is a tragic life fact that we must daily comply with them or face the consequences. There are rules to using weed coupons, and if you abide by them properly, you can save a great deal of money on all of your cannabis purchases, both immediately and in the future. To get the best use out of your cannabis coupons, remember these 10 facts when coming across them online:

One Coupon per Purchase

As far as coupon rules go, the one-per-purchase is the most important. You will find it buried within the fine print of all coupons, weed ones or otherwise. You will not be able to use two or more coupons to discount a single product, as companies will lose profits this way and stop issuing coupons altogether.

Product Specifications

All weed coupons state exactly what you can buy with them. Depending on the coupon, it may discount a single product, or two of the same item. The coupon itself will clearly state exactly what you can use it for, so make sure to scrutinize them carefully and make sure they are for products you actually want.

Usable Dates

Coupons expire after a certain date. They also have start times. Coupons are only valid if used within the time frame of the dates specified on them. You cannot use a coupon for a promotion that has yet to start, and no company will accept expired coupons either. Check the dates and use them accordingly.

Store Restrictions

You can only use a coupon at the company, dispensary, or location specified on it. It may be a single-dispensary promotion, or it may be valid at multiple retailers. It will say on the coupon itself exactly where you can use it, and any other restrictions that may apply. Only places mentioned will accept it.

Fine Print

No word printed on a coupon is up for negotiation. Always read the fine print and adhere to the coupon’s specifications. If a dispensary runs out of a couponed product, it will not change your coupon or substitute it for another. It may be willing to postpone your coupon’s validity until new stock arrives.

Legal Tender

Coupons are legal tender, even if few realise this and believe them simply marketing tactics. Even online weed deals will state their value in the fine print. Although this means you could technically exchange them for cash, it is unlikely any store would do that for you, despite it being genuine legal tender.

Counterfeit Laws

Because coupons are legal tender, it is illegal to replicate them. Doing so would be fraudulent. You may not change coupons or alter them in any way. Coupon fraud is a serious crime, and if caught, you may go to jail, the budtender could lose employment, and the dispensary may reconsider offering coupon deals.

Type Limitations

Different types of coupons exist. Stores often set limits on how many of a certain type are redeemable. For example, a dispensary may accept unlimited coupons if issued in-store, but set limits on how many Internet-printed coupons it will accept. Buying and using weed coupons online eliminates this issue.

Store Policies

Each dispensary will have its own coupon policies regarding when, where, and how to discount coupons. Fortunately, this information is usually available in the coupon’s fine print, but if redeemable at various stores, this may not be true and you will have to find out or ask about specific policies.

Shop Around

Weed coupons are becoming increasingly popular, especially online. When coupon hunting, shop around for the options that you need. There is sure to be something on offer for you. Reputable coupon sites, such as MJ Coupon Code, list the latest promotions from various dispensaries for you.

Get Genuine Weed Deals in California

Authentic weed deals are abundantly available throughout the state. For cash-strapped patients, there is no reason not to take advantage of them. Even those who can afford to pay full price should make use of the opportunity to save money. You can get genuine weed deals in California for almost any product or purchase you make, provided you remember these 10 facts and use reputable sites exclusively.