5 Best Cannabis First Time Patient Deals in Los Angeles

The implementation of prop 215 /SB420 (California’s medical marijuana) is good news for millions of citizens. Weed is quickly gaining popularity across several levels, and qualifying users are looking for places they can get the best deals. Los Angeles clinics are responding well to customer needs and are now offering awesome firsttimepatient (FTP)and other deals.

An individual is said to be a FTP if they are a first time patient to that particular clinic. One does not need to be a new marijuana user, just new to that cannabis dispensary. In simple terms, no matter the number of times you have bought weed before you visit a dispensary when you visit they consider you a FTP.

Already there are several hundreds of clinics in Los Angeles and finding one that offers the best FTP deals is no easy task. One of the easiest, quickest ways to find the best, closest FTP deals is to sign up for CannaSaver. You don’t need to pay anything to register with them and get the best LA deals and weed coupons, once specials, dispensary deals and more.

It’s free to use, you just need to display the coupon sent to your phone while purchasing to be allowed discount edibles and score the cheapest marijuana in the city. It’s now customary for dispensaries to offer incentives for first time patients. Such deals, called FTP deals, can help you save a lot of money on your cannabis purchases.

In this article, we are going to briefly discuss about the 5 best marijuana FTP deals in Los Angeles. Intensive research was done to prepare the list, just to make sure you can continue enjoying this precious substance hassle free.We recommend you try the following best LA dispensary deals currently available for FTPs in LA.

Best FTP Cannabis Deals in Santa Monica

Eaze in Santa Monica, 90401 welcomes FTPs with amazing deals. They will verify details in less than ten minutes. Also, they allow $50 in credit for some customer and coupons worth around $20, if lucky enough you may earn up to $70 in credits before you enter their website. But, they do not allow customers use visa gift cards with them.

Best FTP Cannabis Deals in Beverly Hills

Located in 432 S. San Venice Blvd. Suite #100 LA, CA, 90048, Beverly Alternative Relief Center (BARC) is a Pre-ICO Certified Dispensary, nonprofit medical weed collective that offers attractive deals for FTPs and other customers. They source all of their strains from Californian firms.

Located in 440 1/2N La Cienega West Hollywood, CA 90048 Beverly Grove, Bodhi Sattva Collective offers a 5 gram eighth for FTPs and a free gram for patient referrals. They also have several deals for other customers that make them feel appreciated and part of family. As well they offer free delivery depending on distance to ship, but the service is subject to minimum order, which is directly proportional to distance.

Best FTP Cannabis Deals in Culver City

Pot Valet also has great deals for all customers, ensuring to deliver high quality weed to customers in a professional, efficient and timely manner. They issue promo codes that save tones of their customers’ of money. They take pride in being one of the quickest in weed delivery for Beverly Hills and Culver City.

Located in 512 Venice Blvd., LA, CA 90019, Hollywood provides cannabis to the greater LA including Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Culver City, and Venice Beach. They are a Pre-ICO #67 and Proposition D of LA, CA compliant medical weed dispensary. They have several FTP and returning patient deals that no one would like to miss out. By bringing a friend, a customer will be given a free house gram. Also, they give free gifts with every donation their customers make.

Best FTP Cannabis Deals in Downtown LA

There are several great FTP deals in downtown LA,we have singled out just a few of the best for you. Downtown Kush Group, located in 1200 South Main Street near the Los Angeles Convention Center, offers 10 percent off every once purchased from them. Also, they have several other great deals for both FTPs and returning customers.

Another one is Shatter Wholesale, located in 1431 South LA Street near Staples Center, has exciting FTP deals you should not miss. 3.5grams of moonrocks goes for $30, or add $15 to the amount to get 5grams of the product. What’s more exciting is they open for business till 2200hours daily. You can also check out on CannaSaver for other exciting deals.

Best FTP Cannabis Deals in Hollywood

As usual, Hollywood always has exciting deals. One of the leading FTP specials in West Hollywood is Zen Healing. Located in Santa Monica Blvd., it offers interesting surprise gifts to FTPs. Visit them for an exciting deal that will leave you happy and excited.

Hollywood High Gradespecializes in providing qualifying patients in Hollywood with the finest medicinal cannabis.They are located in 7051 B Santa Monica Blvd Hollywood, CA 9008 and fully comply with all local and state marijuana laws. In addition to competitive pricing, all FTPs receive a free gift bag with minimum donation, with a 1 coupon limit per patient.


Whether you are a seasonal or pro weed user, you need great sales deals that will save on your money. We have listed the best cannabis FTP deals from dispensaries across Los Angeles to try out. The fact that whenever you visit a dispensary for the first time, they consider you a FTP, no matter the number of times you have bought the product from other dispensaries means you can always get FTP deals. Do not let this opportunity pass.