Biggest Lies About Marijuana Use

Marijuana has been banned since 1937, despite the advice of the American Medical Association who praised the plant and said that it has no side effects. In the next 80 years or so, marijuana would become one of the most stigmatized and misunderstood substances on the planet. The lies have been perpetuated by the media and also by Hollywood, who have put forward a stereotype of the weed smoker who does no work and sits at home all day. This is no longer the case as marijuana is now legal and regular people have access to the drug. Before, as the drug was illegal, only degenerates could get the drug as it was illegal, so this was something of a false dichotomy. The following are some of the biggest lies associated with marijuana usage.

Myth 1 – Marijuana is a Crime

The biggest myth in relation to marijuana is that it is a drug related to crime. Most long-term smokers understood this illogical nonsense for what it was straight away, and were aware that there were vested interests who had to put forward the idea that marijuana was an evil drug reserved for societal degenerates. The way this was put forward by clever advertising by governmental authorities. By classifying an innocent plant in the same category as heroin, cocaine, crystal meth and other obviously harmful substances, marijuana was a “drug”. And all statistics and studies can say that “drug” use is up or “schedule 1 drugs” lead to increased death and illness etc. Over time people associate marijuana as a harmful drug even though it is not harmful in the slightest. The fact that marijuana was a beneficial plant took second place to the fact that cannabis was a “drug”.

Other sponsored statistics can say that marijuana is related to crime and thus the authorities need to clamp down on marijuana usage and distribution. This is a common psychological fallacy known as circular reasoning. The reason that marijuana is related to crime is that it is illegal. If it was not illegal then there would be no crime. This is what is happening across the country as the black market is evaporating as people can get marijuana legally in other locations.

Myth 2 – Marijuana makes People Stupid, Slow and Unmotivated

Only while on the drug do people experience a decline in short term memory and motivation. But there are no long term affects associated with marijuana. Full cognition always comes back to the users, including people who have been using marijuana for over 5 years. The same cannot be said about a whole number of legal drugs, many which completely destroy people in one or two years with complete addiction to the chemicals contained within. Marijuana is also completely non- addictive, though there can be some psychological dependencies which develop. This danger is mainly present in relation to young people who do not have strong enough mental barriers. And this is why young people should not be encouraged to smoke regularly.

Myth 3 – Marijuana Can Kill you

It is not possible to die from an overdose of THC. The body loves the substance, and the worst that can possibly happen is that the user gets sent to sleep in a rejuvenating and enjoyable slumber for 12-16 hours. It is possible that marijuana might impair motor skills so you might end up in an accident, though studies indicate that marijuana is actually far safer than alcohol when it comes to car deaths and accidents. In all states where marijuana has been legalized, statistics show a decline in the number of road accidents and fatalities. The reasons for this are not known, though there are two that stand out. The first is that marijuana is a safer drug when it comes to road safety, as marijuana users are more aware of the fact that they are stoned, as opposed to drunk drivers who can be reckless. The other reason is that a lot of road accidents are caused as a result of opiate addicts, which marijuana is recognized as reducing the numbers of. Saying somebody died from a THC overdose is like saying somebody died from a water overdose. Technically possible but highly unlikely unless somebody falls into the ocean with an anchor tied to their feet.

Myth 4 – Marijuana will Lead to the Degeneration of Society

While conservative individuals’ fear the death of an upstanding and decent society, the opposite is actually the case. Marijuana makes people healthier, happier and more peaceful. This leads to a more harmonious society where people are more relaxed and less psychotic. One of the best applications of marijuana is for the treatment of psychotic illnesses. Marijuana users are somewhat less goal orientated than the average person, and it could be said as a generality that they are less productive. But it could also be said that the world needs to slow down and that psychotic illnesses are brought about by being too active and goal driven with too little rest and relaxation. When marijuana was first introduced in Colorado many thought that the state was a joke, and that the endeavor was bound to fail. But Colorado is a shining example of how to intelligently implement marijuana and many other states are following suit. It inevitably leads to an improved and more balanced society overall, though it is important not to smoke it every day as a habit. There may be some degenerates who smoke marijuana. This does not mean that marijuana leads to degenerates. This is the different between correlation and causation in scientific theory.