Cheapest Ounce Deal and Dispensary Discounts Near You

The canny stoner is always on the lookout for the best weed deals. Come Jan. 1 when weed goes fully legal in California, the industry will fully transform into real business. In an attempt to woo customers before competition intensifies, Los Angeles dispensaries have started pulling out shops, lowering prices considerably in an attempt to get your business.

As there are lots of dispensaries, in an attempt to get more customer most of them offer unbelievable Ounce specials, dispensary deals, concentrate deals and a lot more. They also have amazing marijuana coupons, and will even deliver the products right to your doorstep at no cost or at a cheap, affordable price.

There are plenty of deals for both the returning customers and first time patients (FTP). No matter the number of times one has bought weed before, a dispensary will consider him or her a FTPwhen they make their first purchase with them. So you have plenty of opportunities to get the best deals. After all, this is a free world and they say, “The customer is always right.” Exercise your freedom to get the best!

If you watch out for weed bargains by dispensaries and take advantage of the sales and coupons, you can really save you money, and remember the more you save, the more you can afford to buy weed! The weed deals and discounts can really pay off if well-taken advantage of.

It is good to note that lower prices may be indication of low quality. For your safety, we advise that you don’t rush for cheap products or deals that look too real to be true. Your health always comes before other matters.

We know you would like to get the best dealsand free yourself the hassle of searching.  Here, we have prepared a comprehensive list of ounce deals and dispensary discounts near you. Hope you will find the information useful. Happy stoning guys!

Best FTP Cannabis Deals in Santa Monica

MedMen in Santa Monica in West Hollywood has great Ounce deals and dispensary discounts for FTPs and returning customers. With their coupons, you can get BOGO deals on specified strains of weed, concentrates, and select edibles. For instance, if you buy 1 cartridge they give you a free battery, and if you buy 2 cartridges they give you 1 free. You shouldn’t miss out on this one.

In an attempt to serve their patients in an even better manner, they always listen to their needs and come up with innovative solutions.

Best FTP Cannabis Deals in Beverly Hills

PotValet has plenty of exciting deals that you won’t want to miss out. They also guarantee to have the product delivered to your doorstep in good condition. Check their site for more details. provides online weed dispensation services across the whole of California. They always have great deals you should check out for. As well you get only the best from them as they always test their products. Check out their website for more information.

Best FTP Cannabis Deals in Culver City

Venice Medical Center, located in 9636 Venice Blvd Culver City, CA 90232 offers exciting Ounce deals and dispensary discounts for FTPs and returning customers. They have plenty of concentratesand a big selection of flowers and sativa. Their sativa has killer flavor and usually an eighth is priced under $50.They also have plenty of other amazing deals that you will fall for.

Best FTP Cannabis Deals in Downtown LA

If you area a FPT, one place to check in downtown LA is ShowGrow. Here, a deal consists of a 5gram eighth. They also offer birthday treats, complimentary sampling, and awesome gifts for all of their customers.

Mr. Nice Guy, located in 1126 S. Los Angeles St. Unit B Los Angeles, CA also offers handsome deals on buds, one of their best deals is the 3.5 gram top eighth that goes for just $25 with the CannaSaver coupon. They also offer 5g top shelf at $35, 3.5g of top shelf+ 1g of crumble at $35, 10 percent off total cartridges or edibles, and many more.

Best FTP Cannabis Deals in Hollywood

GMC Melrose, located in 7559 Melrose Ave, 9006 West Hollywood, LA offers a handsome deals for FTPs in top shelf weed. Using a CannaSaver Coupon, you can get 7g of cannabis for only $50. They also have other deals that will save your money. Check out their website for more information.

Zen Healing, which has been around for 13 years knows how to give their customers the best experience. They are offering an undisclosed gift on FTPs and one of the cheapest Ounce deals and dispensary discounts in Hollywood.


These are only a few of the dispensary deals out there. Several LA dispensaries are stepping up their ounce deals and discounts this month in readiness for Jan. 1 when weed goes fully legal, and there are simply too many to list here. If you would like to find other best cannabis deals near you, go to CannaSaver.