Door Opens for Pot Lounges. Will Las Vegas Be Amsterdam on Steroids?

A new hot topic has recently emerged in the world of cannabis tends and headlines. Business owners in Vegas are pushing for marijuana lounges for its customers, most likely to generate more revenue for themselves. But it has been met with some pushback by legislators and administrators. Many are contending that the marijuana rush is simply happening too fast, from recently blocked marijuana drone delivery and now marijuana lounges in Nevada, before most other states have legalized recreational marijuana. It is difficult to get all the rules and regulations in place and it might be moving too fast. Especially amid concerns of a crackdown by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has been fervently anti-marijuana and has promised to tackle what he terms a “serious issue” that leads to increased crime rates and increased drug use. Despite the facts that these two claims have no basis in reality there is still a very real threat of an imminent crackdown, and marijuana lounges in Vegas would provide Sessions would the perfect crackdown example to subdue the plant loving masses.

Marijuana Lounge Discussion on Las Vegas

Technically, there is nothing stopping marijuana lounges from opening in Nevada. At least this is what lawyers told local governments in a legal opinion. Local governments must now consider implementing what no other city in the nation has done – opening marijuana lounges to tourists and residents. The biggest talking point is of course Las Vegas. And it has been contended by many, with good reason, that this is where the push is coming from, as powerful business owners are eager to turn profits. Despite this, it will likely be a while before we see marijuana lounges in Vegas. The reason for this is that even politicians who are pro-marijuana think that it is a little premature and are not willing to risk the ire of Sessions. But there is a real concern that tourists can purchase their marijuana but cannot find somewhere suitable to smoke it. This is a situation that should be rectified, as they are going to smoke it in hotel rooms or out on the streets.

But not all administrators are holding back. Some Pro-marijuana advocates hailed it as a logical next step for the state, which was the most recent to legalize recreational weed. Nevada started allowing adults 21 and older to buy it on July 1, but like the other four states where it’s legal, restricts its use to private residences.

This situation has posed a particular challenge for Nevada, where the economy is highly dependent on visitors who stay in hotels and play in casinos. State Sen. Tick Segerblom, of Las Vegas, a dogged champion of marijuana legalization said the following on marijuana in Las Vegas:

[Marijuana legalization is the opportunity to turn]“Las Vegas into Amsterdam on steroids. I think Vegas is perfect for this. That’s what we do. We regulate vices. We’re inviting 40 million people to come here and buy marijuana, but then we turn around and say there’s no place to use it, I think Vegas is perfect for this. That’s what we do. We regulate vices.”

Retaining the Title

Indeed Las Vegas does seem like the perfect place to have the first marijuana lounge available. It is the city of vices and along with gambling and alcohol, marijuana would seem to be the next step. It is not as if Las Vegas could be called a conservative city by any means, and the same can be said of Nevada, so there is not going to be any public outcry which can be seen in marijuana legislation in other states and certain counties. While many might not want to see their city known as “Amsterdam on Steroids” Vegas is Vegas, and the entertainment capital of the world needs to have marijuana lounges to retain its title. It is known for entertainment, not its conservative values.

Amsterdam on Steroids?

It might be a little premature to suggest that Las Vegas would be ‘Amsterdam on Steroids’. The USA might be going a little crazy with marijuana at the moment, and people are getting incredibly excited over a drug that’s primary use is to induce peace and relaxation. Marijuana might actually tone down the aggression and passion of Las Vegas.  Most likely what will happen is that there will be a lot of excitement and passion in the first couple of years and then people will get used to it. After all, are marijuana is not that extreme of a drug unless people act irresponsibly or are extremely averse to THC. If people stopped making such a big deal of it, it would not be that big of a deal, and perhaps many of the rules and regulations are a little overkill and the government should step back and let the free market take its course. People can figure things out for themselves and do not need regulations for everything.