Managing Your Expenses with Increased Marijuana Prices

The continued reforms on marijuana have been termed good for social justice. According to its backers, laws on drugs have been used to arrest and prosecute minorities at elevated rates compared to their white counterparts.  Again, weed has been described as less dangerous than other substances such as alcohol. Therefore, rather than creating a black market for offenders, taxing weed has been one of the moves taken by individual states to control its use. California has now legalized weed both for medical and recreational use though with regulations aimed at helping the masses. These are very reasonable arguments. However, if the votes were meant for personal interests, most people would probably have voted “NO” on Proposition 64. Here is why: the expected increase in price through state government regulation in a move to control abuse.

The 15% of taxes imposed on recreational cannabis under this measure will see an increased price of weed compared to those people selling them in the black market. Sales taxes in some of the parts in Los Angeles County have been pegged at 10 cents for some time even before the proposition was passed.  Legal purchases of recreational weed are definitely going to be higher than the retailing prices in the black market. With these new structures, even the base wholesale price of cannabis could go up in the coming months. However, this may be temporal if the state of California would further reconsider making adjustments to influence the pricing downwards. These sentiments were borrowed from what happened following the legalization of weed for recreational use in Oregon, Washington and Colorado.

Expected Price Changes for Marijuana in California  

Experts believe that same experiences in Oregon can be expected in California. For Oregon, there were increased marijuana prices following weed decriminalization. The initial increase was as a result of weed stores stocking up cannabis products in order to satisfy the increasing demand. Then there was a supply bottleneck as state regulations compelled retailers to buy weed products that had been tested by certified laboratories. There could be a replica of the same in California. This is attributed to the need for compliance to Proposition 64 requiring all sellers and growers to conform. Regulations on labeling and packaging will eventually increase product prices.

The stocking up of weed is also expected. In that case, there will be advanced purchasing by dispensaries to make sure shelves are well stocked. The number of customers will have significantly increased in the near future and this is the only way to meet the demand. An increased demand from willing buyers will translate to increased weed prices. Compulsory weed product testing will both slow down supplies and attract other costs for those producing the products. When there is a decreased supply, the prices will also shoot up.

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