How marijuana saved the ‘Cannabis Queen’

Marijuana awareness is increasing alongside legalization and a happier and healthier populace as a result. People feel more at ease in a more accepting era about discussing their relationship with marijuana and its outstanding health benefits. The reality is that many people were aware of the health benefits of marijuana and that prohibition was always no more than a scam. An even sadder reality is that most were unaware that cannabis was a cure to many known conditions and would go on to suffer untold pain quite possibly resulting in a premature death, as a result of prohibition on a substance with little authority of any kind. In fact, marijuana was prohibited in 1937 in the USA in spite of the advice of the American Medical Association, who said that the drug was in fact harmless. In any case, people are now much more free and open to discuss their past experiences with cannabis and how it helped them to prevent illness and pull them though. Cheryl Schuman, the cannabis queen, gives an account of how cannabis saved her life to the Portsmouth Daily Times (The star was born in Portland, Ohio)

Marijuana Saved the Cannabis Queen

Cheryl Shuman, known as the Cannabis Queen of Beverly Hills and founder of Beverly Hills Cannabis Club, tells how cannabis helped her with her condition. After Cheryl Schuman returned from spending time with the stars in Beverly hills, her mother informed her that she did not look so well. It was an ill omen, as her mother then remarked how she looked like her uncle looked before he got diagnosed with cancer. She was urged to go to the doctor, where she was prescribed with ovarian cancer. The cancer had spread to her colon, bladder and other vital organs. In her own words, she went downhill very quickly. Her organs started to shut down, and she developed infections. Doctors were telling her to prepare to die. She was actually in the process of being transferred to a hospice setting. She way dying.

What happened sounds a little fantastical, typical of a Beverly Hills star. Anold friend who she barely knew insisted on meeting her. She kept refusing until eventually deciding that she was going to die anyway and that he was ridiculously persistent. When he walked in, Shuman was clipping a coupon for her cremation. Soon, it became very real. This near stranger explained to Shuman that his sister was in the medicinal marijuana industry in California. She was working on non-psycho active strands that did not produce a high effect. He offered to take Shuman to his home and take care of her, rather than sending her to hospice to await death. His sister brought Shuman some non-psycho active marijuana and some normal marijuana that would get her high. She did not have high hopes but decided she might as well go along.

She signed out of the hospital against medical advice and went to her friend’s farm to die and maybe get a little high. After smoking some marijuana, Shuman said she felt far better than usual. She did not know if she was just high or if it was having a positive effect on her health. She only knew that she felt better than she had in a long time.Shuman’s old friend had started practicing organic food techniques and was offering his expertise to Shuman. When she first arrived at his home, she could not even eat. She was fed by IV. However, her strength grew over time as she kept using marijuana. Through extractions, her friend was infusing foods with marijuana, and Shuman was able to keep food down. Not only did she continue to grow stronger, Shuman went back to California and started her own fight for medicinal marijuana. She opened her own farm and was soon getting support for prominent actors. Schuman has studied genetics and has bred multiple different marijuana strains. She even started appearing on television programs, where she promoted pot.

Finishing up the interview in the Portsmouth Daily, Cheryl Schuman concluded how cannabis quite literally saved her life as she prepared to die. The doctors did not give her any chance, and an old friend with knowledge of cannabis tinctures and edibles without any medical experience enabled her to heal. Cheryl Schuman is now an icon in the medical marijuana industry. She is now involved in a number of pro marijuana organizations and industries and is hoping to start a dispensary in Portland.

Why was it prohibited?

Marijuana saved the life of Cheryl Schuman, and there are many tales like this of individuals who went against the advice of chemical retailers and had much success. Unfortunately for many, not all have such tales to tell or high school friends at hand to remind them of the benefits of marijuana. The prohibition of marijuana for nearly a century was a monstrous policy by design which had disastrous consequences. While many are simply thrilled that the plant is finally being legalized, the more pressing question is why it was outlawed for so long and who made it illegal. After all, there never was for a single minute any evidence that this plant ever caused harm. And it could have saved many lives were it not for manipulation and corruption.