Police Investigate after 65 Pounds of Weed Included with Orlando Couple’s Amazon Order

Marijuana postal deliveries are known to be very ingenious in their application, discreet and hard to spot given the sheer amount of volume experienced by the postal delivery service. There has even been recent talk of marijuana by drone delivery, in states where recreational marijuana is legal, though in California this has been curtailed by legislators for now as it is too ambitious at this early stage of legalization. But a recent couple in Orland got a surprise with their Amazon order that was not given the seal of approval by anyone.

Amazon Giving Away Weed

The couple has asked to remain anonymous when they were giving the story. They stated that they loved to do a lot of shopping on Amazon and are regular customers with the company. The couple had placed an order for 27-gallon storage totes, but when the package arrived they noticed it was far heavier than it ought to be. Four empty bins do not weight very much. The marijuana was in boxes inside the totes and as soon as they opened the boxes, they were hit with a strong odor. They opened the boxes to find the bright green marijuana glistening with THC crystals. The officer was called and the police have since launched an investigation. It had been shipped by Amazon’s Warehouse Deals via UPS from a facility in Massachusetts and is said to weight more than 90 pounds,(the total delivery weight, including the marijuana inside).The couple were afraid of sleeping in their home since the discovery, and have been in contact with Amazon for over a month, who are said to have not been very apologetic or helpful. The couple told WFTV they were worried for their safety when the drugs showed up. They thought their house would be broken into, so they stayed elsewhere for a few nights.

They eventually received an email giving them a $150 gift card with the message, “I am unable to do anything else at this time.”The customers said what they wanted was an apology and an explanation about how this could happen. Amazon have not issued any public statements about the mishap, which is reflecting quite poorly on them as a company. It would seem like a much better and more straightforward approach to simply issue a public apology and an apology to the customers who they sent the marijuana to, instead of simply remaining silent. It has not been disclosed when the event happened, but judging from the reports should be in the region of last month, September 2017. Amazon sent a statement saying its customer service team worked directly with the customer to address concerns and will work with law enforcement to investigate the case, but according to the customers the team did not really work with them aside from saying that they are working on the case before finally issuing them with a gift card.

Police have thus far issued no arrests and it would appear that the investigation will not bear any fruit. Similarities may be draw to the Ford scandal. Ford automobiles have been caught on several occasions with marijuana in their trunks and other locations in the vehicle. It has been a huge public embarrassment for the company who cannot seem to find where along their product line the drug is being placed in the automobiles. It is believed to happen on route from its plant in Mexico, before the border when the cars reach the US. Hopefully Amazon will not turn into the next Ford. The customers are still expecting an apology, which is all they want, and it is baffling why Amazon will not give them an apology for the situation.

Illegal Marijuana in Florida

Needless to say, marijuana is still illegal in Florida, though there is a medical marijuana industry in place, which leaves much to be desired. Florida Amendment 2 passed during the general election on November 8, 2016, with a vote of 71.3% for versus 28.7% against. The goal of Amendment 2 is to alleviate those suffering from a number of medical conditions, however a number of cities in Florida are refusing medical dispensaries, even though residents are by and large supportive of medical marijuana. But either way it is not legal recreationally and it is illegal to ship any amount of marijuana across state lines. This is because it is considered a violation of Federal law, marijuana being a schedule 1 substance at the Federal level. The couple could have ended up in prison for the mistake by Amazon, as being found with such a large amount of marijuana to be delivered to your doorstep can easily be considered a Federal offence with Federal fines and prison sentences. An apology is the least that Amazon can do.