How to Reduce Anxiety Caused by Cannabis

Even the most seasoned herb smokers experienced anxiety as a result of cannabis. The reasons for this anxiety are varied. It could be blamed on the type of strain, the environment, the users mood before having used marijuana or simply you may be a little more genetically inclined than others to experience anxiety. Whatever the reasons are, chances are it will happen to you at least once during your cannabis using time.

Here are 4 of the top ways to deal with it and come back down to earth when your anxiety gets the better of you.

  1. Your Environment has a Massive Effect on your Mental Space

Feeling a little antsy? One of the best ways to deal with marijuana induced anxiety is the simplest.

Change your environment and change your mind. The space and atmosphere that you surround yourself with is the biggest factor when it comes to things that affect anxiety during marijuana use. Things like new environments, being introduced to new people (especially people that you in your heightened sensory state make you a little uneasy), or if you were initially feeling uncomfortable within your own skin before using marijuana will all contribute towards a sense of anxiety.

Do you already have a more nervous disposition? Then the likelihood that you will experience anxiousness as a result of marijuana use is higher than others that have a more natural laid back disposition. Notice how you feel upon the initial moments and minutes after taking the cannabis. If you notice that you are already feeling a little uncomfortable or odd then immediately change the environment and hence the atmosphere that you are in. Breathe in some fresh air, take a light walk or simply do something to distract your mind from thinking “I am high”.

Things that make you feel fresh, like splashing water on your face, or in more severe cases take a shower if you are at home. If you are out then head home and you will see how your body will immediately begin to relax once it perceives that the environment is safe and familiar.

  1. CBD saves you from THC

This may be a little known fact among novice cannabis users. CBD actually can block or even out the psychoactive effects from THC that usually cause anxiety. If your personality is prone to nervousness than you will find it handy to have CBD oil with you on hand. CBD is known to stop epileptic seizures as well and its calming properties reduces anxiety. CBD oil is easily accessible and make sure you find yourself a quality CBD oil. On the other hand, prevention is better than cure so if you already know that you are prone to anxiety than avoid intaking strains that have a low CBD and a high THC. Do your research and be a responsible cannabis user. Find a few strains that has a high CBD and use those, there are so many different strains available and by doing some research or asking a friendly pot shop assistant you can avoid those pesky THC fuelled panic attacks.

  1. Stretch it Out

So this remedy may be only really viable to use if you are home but even just a few simple stretches can transport oxygen throughout your body and assist in easing tension. The mind and body are connected, this is not just a sentence for fruity new agers but it is a simple truth. If you relax the muscle in your body then your mind will follow suite and vice versa.

If you already have a sequence of stretches that you know then get comfortable and start stretching. You can also find hundreds of simple stretching tutorials and relaxation videos online.

By stretching, your mind will be occupied in the present moment. This takes your thoughts away from the concept that is causing the anxiety. This focused action helps to distract the mind long enough for the anxiety to dissipate.

While your muscles will begin to relax and release tension, your mind will follow suite.

  1. Enjoy a Shower

This may sound to simple to be true however just the simple act of standing beneath the cascading water will calm you mind and sensory system. If you are at home when you begin to feel the onset of anxiety then head to the bathroom and turn on the taps. In the light of saving water be aware not to shower for too long however do be present and while you are high you will find it very easy to slip into a state of mindfulness, especially as you stand beneath the water.

Bring yourself into the present moment while you actively feel the water landing on your skin. This mindfulness practise is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety. As the water runs down your body, tune into the sensation of the water and how the warmth feels on your skin.

This mindful practice can be done just about anywhere and is the most efficient way to bring yourself out of an anxious state and into the present moment. Even if you are not at home, you can just bring your awareness into the present moment. This means feeling all the sensations around you, the noises, the air, the sights, etc. whatever it may be let it consume your attention wholly and feel this mindful reduce your anxiety.

The simple knowledge of yourself can help you avoid any uncomfortable situations with marijuana. If your are prone to nervousness or already feeling uncomfortable in your environment before using cannabis then steer away from strains with a higher level of THC. Your best best is to keep a small bottle of CBD oil with you at all times and that way you can self medicate if you do indulge in a high THC strain. As with everything, be responsible and know yourself well. This way you can avoid unnecessary uncomfortable marijuana experiences and efficiently enjoy the benefits of marijuana.