Six Ways to Incorporate Legal Marijuana into Your Wedding Day

Marijuana weddings have now become a “thing”. There are marijuana themed weddings where the drug of choice seems to be marijuana as opposed to alcohol, though the two often go hand in hand(quite literally for some exuberant guests). The same problems still arise with marijuana weddings, namely how to present the marijuana tastefully to all guests. While marijuana weddings can seem over the top, they can be astounding if they are done correctly. There have been some truly creative marijuana weddings in all states where recreational marijuana is legal.

The same standards apply to alcohol in many ways; make sure it is high quality and what the guests are looking for. You obviously need to have a range of high quality Indica and Sativa varieties. Each of these types have different effects. You can go with a range of different types of marijuana but it might be best to choose 3, a Sativa dominant strain, and Indica dominant strain, and a 50/50 hybrid. You can choose popular strains like Blueberry, OG Kush and Northern Lights. The following are 6 steps as to how to incorporate legal marijuana into your wedding day.

1 – Use an Expert.

Marijuana is very new. And it is still illegal at the Federal level, meaning you can technically be thrown in jail for its consumption. So the first step is to hire a wedding planner who knows his or her way around all of the various marijuana legalities. Because of the way marijuana has been implemented, the laws vary not just state by state but also county by county. The good thing is that as weed weddings become more popular these specialists are becoming more common, though at present they are still quite difficult to find. Recently a cannabis wedding exposition took place in San Francisco, and spokesperson Ivy Gaitatzis stated that “The very first thing couples need to do is consult with someone who’s aware of all the legalities”. A tasteful wedding is simply not worth being thrown in jail for.

2 – Hemp Paper Products

Hemp has a really organic, earthy feel to it, so even if you’re not into a full-blown weed wedding, you may like the idea of incorporating this into your big day. You can take hemp invitations, dinner menus, wedding programs or even guest books into consideration in terms of hemp paper products.

3 – Weed Infused Flavors

The most popular types of weed-infused flavors are either edibles or spa products. For the former, don’t limit yourself to the traditional brownie, as there are many alternatives! One of the most creative food products includes microdosed garlic-rosemary roasted almonds and cashews. Other options include truffles, cookies and donuts. For spa-related products, feel free to use marijuana-infused bath bombs, lip balms and hand creams. You can have an assortment of these flavors on the table and let customers choose their own, as people love the option of choosing.

4- Different Marijuana Strains

This has already been mentioned in the introduction section, but do some research into what type of marijuana is most popular in the region. There is no need to go on an Indiana Jones quest for some sacred rare mysterious brand of marijuana. Just pick some high-quality bud and of varieties that are typically popular, and you can’t go wrong. Well known and high quality might not be a bad formula for your choice.

5 – The Weed Section

This is an adult section where the kids cannot get access to any marijuana product. Nothing will upset the wedding more than a child guest who somehow gains access to marijuana and pulls a whitey. It will ruin the event and people will leave with a bad idea about weed weddings, thinking they are dangerous. Avert this situation with a little foresight and make the section at least a little private. In this section, everything can be on offer from vaporizers if you wish to get creative. You can also hire a bud tender specialist who can give advice to the customers, and perhaps have it either next to the alcohol bar or far away from it. You will be left with two distinct areas, one for marijuana and the other for alcohol. This can cater for the growing number of people who smoke but do not drink and vice versa, as marijuana and alcohol do not go well together generally.

6 – Weed and Wine Pairings

This is a super creative option, and is an idea that would require additional experts and staff. However, wine and cannabis pairings are exceptional when done correctly, and will offer your guests an experience they will talk about for a long time. It involves bringing the cannabis smoke extract to sub-zero temperatures which is then dispensed into a glass of wine. It enhances the pairing experience since you have to use your nose and mouth at the same time.

In truth, there are an infinite number of things that can be done at a weed wedding. But a tasteful weed section with some marijuana truffles can be a good way to integrate marijuana into your wedding without making it into a centerpiece to build the whole wedding around. In any case, the legalization of weed has made many weddings more eventful, as we can expect marijuana to be available at many weddings in states where recreational marijuana is legal. This has happened in the eight states where legalization has been passed.