Top 10 Cannabis Products for the Holiday

Now that Christmas is over and we are almost crossing into 2018, it is perfect time to give you the best. If you are planning to present a gift to someone who smokes pot or need it for yourself, we recommend pot-related gifts.

Other than giving you a special place in their heart, a weed gift is more of an investment since the receiver will almost certainly invite you over for a pot-smoking sessions. If you are running out of ideas which gift to present or reward yourself, we have some ideas here.

  1. Herbal CBD Moisturizer

Our cannabis products list can’t be complete without a moisturizer. Look in the market for the latest, best moisturizer brands that will leave you intrigued.

Consider a lotion, loaded and packed with cannabidiol, as it will combat dry and itchy skin. To make a fruity and tasty treatment with herbal relief, add ingredients such as hemp seed oil, organic apple extracts, and green tea. There are plenty of ideas for you to try that will satisfy and make you happy.

  1. Cannabis-Infused Teas

Come 2018, stoners won’t necessarily keep drinking alcohol. Make this possible by buying special brands of weed-infused teas with herbal punches.

Look for teas with enticing, refreshing flavors. There are plenty of flavors to choose that will serve very specific moods including pain relief, mood enhancement, libido increase, and sleep aid. As well, there are hundreds of brands in weed dispensaries for youto choose.

  1. Innovative Joint

Smoking joint is rapidly changing with invention of new smoking equipment. Consider buying the newest joint in the marketas it won’t be meaningful to buy outdated one.

Something like a sleek, convenient, and discreet steel joint will work best. It should also have controls for dosage so you can put the appropriate amount of cannabis and enjoy uninterrupted smoking sessions. Take your time to choose the right product that you won’t regret.

  1. Subscription Box

Order a premium weed subscription box and have it delivered to your doorstep. There are several companies who can hunt down the finest cannabis products in the market and deliver them to customers. If you don’t have specific products in mind, there’s no need to worry as the companies specialize in this and guarantee to deliver the best products.

As they send products at regular time intervals, preferably on monthly basis, you are guaranteed of getting a monthly delivery with the best marijuana products for the whole of 2018.

  1. Glass Pipe

Though expensive, a glass pipe is a perfect gift for any weed smoker. If you can, get handcrafted ones as they have astonishing beauty and are of highest quality. As handcrafted pipes tend to be more expensive, if you are on tight budget you can get buy machine crafted ones for they are relatively cheaper.

As glass pipes last for many years, buying guarantees countless years of smoking sessions.

  1. Oil Infuser

If you are someone that likes to spend more time in the kitchen, consider an oil infuser. With this device, you can create butters and oils in an efficient and clean manner, using a complex proprietary design.

Consider an infuser that makes the infusions process very easy, probably one with touchscreen control, dishwasher safer pieces, craft infusions, an internal strain operation, and other user-friendly features. Most importantly, remember quality and safety is top priority when buying oil infusers.

  1. Aeroinhaler

If you would like to try a brand new product, we recommend Aerolnhaler. This pharmaceutical-grade, sleek, and portable cannabis inhaler will change the game, as it offers a smokeless way for smoking without carcinogens and additives. It infuses terpenes, THC, and live resin in several flavor profiles, and you can take 100 puffs per canister, without combustion, throat burn, and heat.

This product works best for all categories of smokers, including athletes and other individuals who need to pass drug tests.

  1. Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are another great product for you this holiday. If you are not on tight budget consider golden rolling papers as they are a sure way to give yourself a VIP treat.

Look for papers that burn slowly, allowing you and your fellow stoners enjoy seeing gold melt. Better still, your ashtray will be covered in gold dust when done with smoking. With rolling gone VIP, this’s one of the best ways to give you a royal treat, at least for this holiday.

  1. Luxury Chocolate

Luxury chocolate is a perfect all-time product for you and people that matter the most to you.

If you are a stoner, consider getting the decadence of a THC stocked chocolate with plenty of flavor options for the best experience.

  1. Vaporizers

No stoner can dispute that a vaporizer is one of the best products the industry has to offer. You need a light and discreet herb vaporizer on the market that will take your vaporizing to the next higher level.

With a light, simple, discreet, sleek, and sophisticated vaporizer, you will start 2018 in an exciting manner. Look for one with a huge strain holding chamber as it allows you enjoy vaporizing uninterrupted.

We have carefully selected the products in the list but if you find your ideal gift isn’t listed, go to Pot Valet to search the right one. There are hundreds of weed-products for you and your fellow stoners this holiday – do not hesitate to find one.