Visiting Dispensaries vs. Online Marijuana Deals in California

Visiting Dispensaries vs. Online Marijuana Deals California

The legal marijuana market is big business in California. Competition is rife between dispensaries, most of which are embracing an online future. Coupons are an old concept, but they remain highly effective as a money-saving tactic for attracting consumers. Online weed deals in California are abundant, and most dispensaries in California offer discounts and coupons instore for patients.

Finding Marijuana Deals in California

Coupon collectors save plenty of money. Traditionally, cashiers received printed coupons to discount prices, and although you can still print coupons today and take them with you to a dispensary, online coupons are just as valid for purchases over the Internet. There really is no need any more to print and carry coupons. You can take advantage of these deals without ever leaving your house.

Visiting Dispensaries in California

There are benefits to visiting storefront dispensaries. Budtenders are available to assist you, and you are able to view and smell the products before purchase in the best environment for gaining knowledge. However, security can be a mite intense, the vibe overly formal, and privacy an issue for some. They all offer specials, discounts, promotions, and coupons at any particular time though.

Pros of Dispensary Deals

You do not have to search online to find deals for a specific dispensary if you plan to go there. You can simply ask about them when you arrive. There is no risk of expiry or inadmissibility if you get them from budtenders themselves. If you do have coupons to match the specific dispensary and its terms, then you should be able to use them.

Cons of Dispensary Deals

Any deal from a particular dispensary is only valid at its own premises. Most cooperatives and collectives strike deals with online coupon dealers and create industry partnerships with them. Visiting a dispensary limits your options of finding the best deals to that single location, whereas collecting coupons online exposes you to deals offered by all of them. It is far wiser to save money by shopping around.

Buy Weed Online in California

The Internet offers you choice. Most importantly for many medical marijuana patients, it provides them with much-needed convenience and cost savings. It is cheaper to buy weed online in California, especially if you take the time to collect coupons and take advantage of other available deals. Transport is free, delivery faster than you could do it yourself, and discretion guaranteed.

Pros of Online Weed Deals

The biggest advantage of looking for deals online is the sheer abundance of them. You are certain to find a deal related to your specific needs if you do enough research. Online coupons are available in real time and accepted online by any partnered dispensary involved with it. The whole process is extremely easy. One simply follows the links provided by trusted coupon dealers, such as MJ Coupons.

Cons of Online Weed Deals

Buying weed online in California can be risky if you use an unlicensed, illegal operation. Many offer fake or otherwise invalid coupons, and there is no accountability for bad quality or non-delivery. Compounded by the fact that you cannot smell or see the product before buying, it is important to avoid illegitimacy by narrowing your options to legal, accountable websites exclusively.

Rules for Marijuana Deals in California

Every weed coupon, special, deal or discount has its own unique terms. Typically, these include expiry dates, participating partners, and other legal information. Marijuana can become extremely affordable for you if you abide by the generally accepted rules of coupons and deals. Regardless of where you end up using your coupon, whether online or at a dispensary, there are some facts to know first:

Coupons are only available per product. You can only use one for each item. Stores cannot give their products away free by accepting the full price in coupons. This would defeat the purpose of offering such deals in the first place and make the business itself redundant.

Online weed deals are only valid for the products stated on them. A coupon for White Widow will be unacceptable for Kush, for example. Only use coupons according to their specifications.

Do not attempt to create, share, or print fake coupons. The law considers them legal tender because they have an actual value. If caught, you could go to jail for counterfeit fraud.

Final Thoughts

The choice to buy weed online or to visit a dispensary is a personal one. Some prefer the one-on-one help and support. Seeing the products first is a major benefit. Others prefer the convenience of doing it online. Either way, it is possible to get marijuana cheaply in California. Take the time to research available deals and coupons, or ask the budtenders directly. You will be surprised at how much you save.