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One of the biggest surprises in the recent past is the insurgence of weed. Looked down upon since what seemed like forever, it has begun to claw its way back into the limelight, and for all the right reasons. Now a proven medical wonder, weed is helping people all around the world fight against various complex medical conditions. There are even competitions nowadays where cannabis strains are voted for their varying medicinal benefits.

Conducted by High Times, the winner of the 2015 SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup in the Best Medical Indica Concentrate category was Strawberry Banana, developed by Greenwolf and Loudpack with Moxie Genetics. The Best Medical Sativa Concentrate was Purple Tangie by Zeinstein Gardens with Loudpack and Moxie Extracts, while the Best Medical Hybrid Concentrate was Strawberry Banana Lemonade by Greenwolf and Moxie 710.

Medical weed provides plenty of benefits to users, some of which cannot be obtained from conventional drugs. From simple cases such as headaches and pain to more serious ones like depression and insomnia, to even more complex conditions including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s – medical weed is effective against them all.

Despite being such an effective and popular form of treatment, weed is yet to be legalized in many states. However, that looks likely to happen sooner rather than later, if the success of legalizing weed in other states is anything to go by.

As victorious as it may sound, though, just legalizing the use of weed – either for medicinal or recreational purposes – is not the only step that the authorities should take. Medical weed costs an awful lot, and can at times cost as much as $400 per ounce. This makes it extremely difficult for many patients to get their required medical weed . Many states require patients to purchase quite a large amount of medical weed by law, while other patients may just need a large amount of marijuana to feel relief from their discomforts. The whole situation becomes much more complicated in such cases.

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